Static websites hosted directly from Upspin directories in two steps.


  1. Point your domain name to this server.
  2. Add a TXT record for _upspin underneath it with the upspin path to the website's files.

E.g. to serve a site from u@example.com/pub on www.example.com, modify www.example.com's DNS settings to be a CNAME of webspin.party and add a TXT record on _upspin.www.example.com with the desired Upspin path.

www.example.com.         CNAME webspin.party.
_upspin.www.example.com. TXT   u@example.com/pub
Browse to https://www.example.com/ and you should see your files. Webspin uses Let's Encrypt to automatically get a TLS certificate.



The author takes absolutely no responsibity and offers no promises for the reliability or availability of this experiment.